SINCE 1972

Upstaging has set the standard for trucking, lighting, and production services within the entertainment industry.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and work within a variety of entertainment, corporate tours and events. Some of our recent clients include productions of all sizes, including Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Rolling Stones, Travis Scott, Phish, and Salesforce, among many others!

As the industry’s premiere trucking company, Upstaging seeks professional drivers to join our team and continue to uphold our high standards and reputation.

We provide a stable work environment with premium equipment, health benefits, and 401K retirement programs.

While we employ drivers nationwide, our main headquarters campus sits on 24 acres and is located West of Chicago in Sycamore, IL, featuring an on-site maintenance shop.

At Upstaging, our goal is to provide the most professional, efficient, and seamless operation to you the driver and, therefore, to the client. We are proud to say our transportation management team upholds an average tenure of 15 years or greater. Our trucking division is departmentalized and designed to maintain a streamlined communication process behind the scenes, ensuring a successful and seamless production.

Upstaging Trucking is my go to company for reliable skilled drivers that know what it takes to get to the venue and dock with zero issues. With all the options out there you have to be careful who you give the responsibility of gear transport. For my artist, Upstaging is that company. They are the only team I trust! 

Chris Gott - John Mayer Production Manager 

This is the best job in the world with the best people. I’m very thankful to be a part of the Upstaging team.

Randy Rhoton (Driver)

I’m not presently aware of any other world class trucking companies. Myself and our mob will stick with what we know works. Service , reliability and dedication are at a premium. So why not use a premium company? Forget shopping. Order immediately.

Mark “Springo” Spring- Production Manager, Paul McCartney

Upstaging is my number 1 trucking vendor in the US because they mirror exactly what I expect and receive in the UK: an unrivalled, reliable and personable service. Every gig on time, every challenge accepted, and every driver working to ensure your gear is secure and the show is the best on the tour so far

Joel Stanley,
Production Manager
- Gorillaz

After starting in the entertainment business in the 70’s, sliding into the driver’s seat seemed like a natural choice. Now, with many happy years behind me, I’ve made many lifelong friends, and will finish my career here.

Edgar Stuckey (Driver)

I can rent trucks from a lot of people. Trucks and tractors are the easy part. What sets Upstaging apart from the competition is the unparalleled people that make up Upstaging. The drivers, operations staff and front office is what makes Upstaging the class of the industry in both logistics and the condition of their trucks. No one in the trucking industry offers better support or equipment.

Jimmy Pettinato,
Production Manager
- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I’ve been working for Upstaging for a little over 7 years. It has been quite enjoyable working here. It’s not every day you get to use great equipment, that keeps up in great shape. You get to travel all 48 states and a lot of Canada. There is time to investigate the cities you are in usually. Some of us bring our bikes. You can always find a bike trail to ride. We got some really good benefits and the pay is really good. The office staff is great. They are just a phone call away if you need help. Overall in 43 years of driving this is the best company I’ve had the pleasure to work for.

Robert Scheel (Driver)

I’ve been using Upstaging for over 30 years and I would never use anyone else. Their service, drivers, and equipment are second to none. I know my gear will be where it’s supposed to be every single day and I never need to worry about it. I consider everyone there like family. A truly fantastic company.

Chris Adamson,
Production Manager
- Def Leppard

I have worked with many great people at Upstaging. It feels great to get to the venue and be a part of something so much bigger than myself. When I see the stage all ready to go, I know I had a small, but important part of making it happen. Being a driver has its challenges, but it’s very satisfying. Our support staff does a great job taking care of us on the road. Our equipment is top of the line, and it’s a pleasure to drive a truck and not have to worry about breakdowns. I have been touring for almost 20 years. I wouldn’t want to do it for anyone else!

Patricia Galbraith (Driver)

It’s not just a job it’s a way of life, and life is good..

Joe Harrison (Driver)

I have used Upstaging for the past 11 years and I wouldn’t choose to use anyone else.  The touring industry is anything but consistent and predictable, but it is my job to create as much consistency as possible and plan for the unpredictable, which is what I have found using Upstaging.  People make the difference for me, Upstaging has proven to have the most reliable drivers and a support staff that can fix any issue that arises on tour.  They are second to none.

Joel Forman,
Production Manager
- Bruno Mars

Upstaging Inc. is by far the best move I have made in my driving career. From the best equipment in the industry to the way they treat and respect the drivers is truly exceptional. We are all one big family and I personally haven’t found a better company to call home.

Terry D Johnson (Driver)

We are NOT your regular trucking company!! Life on the road with Upstaging brings experiences you won’t get anywhere else. Tour drivers are a small, tight knit group that work with PRECISION. We bring rock shows to your city, roll with our friends and we get catering. And catering has bacon

Frank Schweitzer (Driver)

I first Used Upstaging back in 1983. I have continued to use Upstaging on many more projects over the years, as they make it all so easy, and have your problems solved almost before you even knew you had them. Thank you to all at Upstaging for making my life a lot easier over the many miles we have traveled together and looking forward to many more miles with you all.

Phay Mac Mahon,
Production Manager
- Nicki Minaj

My wife Dorothy and I have worked for Upstaging for over a decade. I must say that Upstaging is second to none in this industry. We love what we do and the people we do it with. If you're looking for a place to call home, look no further.

Chad McKnight (Driver)

At Upstaging, I don't have to fight for miles. I'm paid by the day and I've got everything I need to get the job done. It's stress free and easy, I'm so glad I found this place

Chris Johnson (Driver)