Do we train drivers?

You need experience to come on board with us, but once you’ve met our qualifications and are on board, we will
help you learn our way of trucking. Not in the sense of starting drivers with no experience.

What kinds of freight does the company haul?

We haul 95% High-Value production equipment for live shows, and 5% Trade Show production equipment.
There is also the rare freight load to relocate a truck.

In what states does the company operate in the most?

Concert Touring is a completely ‘Irregular Route’ opportunity. We operate in all 48 and all of Canada. Rare
Alaska trip. We do not go into Mexico.

Is the company forced dispatched?

Very simply, no. You are dispatched on a tour itinerary that you MUST follow. The scheduling is well planned.

Are drivers able to stay within a certain geographical area, or are they required to run wherever the company runs?

No. With the exception of our Chicago based drivers, our trips canvas all of U.S. and Canada. Touring is much
different than dedicated freight.

How do I get personal services like Shower & Laundry?

The perks of touring include access to dressing rooms at venues for Showers and other sanitary needs. Touring
production offices often utilize ‘runners’ which can get your laundry to and from a ‘Fluff and Fold’ type
laundry on the same day. As well, traditional truck stop services are available to you on travel days.

What is the passenger policy?

We have a strict no rider policy

What is the pet policy?

We have a no pet policy given liability issue and incidents of interior damage to our beautiful big reds!

Tractors & Fuel, etc:

What is the average age of the company’s tractors?

About 2 years. We operate our tractors on a four-year ownership plan

Do I need a CB Radio?

Yes. We rely on CB radios to accomplish our tasks at venues, which we can arrange to provide you with if
needed. We use a style of radios that are known as having ‘extra-channels.’ Radio brands such as Galaxy or

Can I install a CPAP machine?

There is both space and power available for the driver supplied CPAP device

What is your fuel program?

We provide the driver with a versatile Comdata card, which is accepted at nearly every fuel stop in North
America. We have no ‘affinity’ network. Buy fuel wherever you wish, but we prefer that you use quality

How are tolls and weigh stations handled?

We use PrePass for all tolls and weigh stations

Orientation and Getting Started:

How long is the orientation process?

Orientation is 4 days. Primarily classroom-style instruction.

Do I need a physical when I come for orientation, and does Upstaging pay for DOT physicals, upon hiring and therafter?

If your medical card is current we will accept upon hiring. We do not reimburse for DOT physicals

After the orientation is finished, how long will it take before the driver can get dispatched home to pick up his/her gear?

The driver is expected to ‘Move-in’ during orientation week. The driver may ship needed supplies to our
warehouse in sycamore. Additionally, all possible needed supplies are available at the nearby big-box stores.
The first dispatch will likely occur immediately after orientation.

Are pets and passengers allowed to attend orientation with the driver?

Sorry but you will need to leave your friend and furry friend at home


How does the company handle raises?

Annual review with the Operations Manager

Does the company offer orientation pay?

Orientation is paid at full rate, from the first day.